Luxury Shoes:conspiracy Shoes by Gianluca Tamburini

Gianluca Tamburini Portrays The Conspiracy Shoes Luxury Shoes

Gianluca Tamburini, the maker of the displayed project Conspiracy shoes - luxury shoes by Gianluca Tamburini explicates, Gianluca Tamburini's line of "sandal/shaped jewels", called Conspiracy, was founded in 2010. Conspiracy shoes effo <Cropped>

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City Masterplan:inhabited Island by Vadim Kondrashev

Vadim Kondrashev Portrays The Inhabited Island City Masterplan

Vadim Kondrashev, the creator of the highlighted project City Masterplan:Inhabited Island by Vadim Kondrashev illustrates, St. Petersburg Petrovsky Island development project beyond 2025. The modern sub-center with business, touristic and recreationa <Cropped>

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Award Winning Polycom Realpresence Immersive Studio Video Collaboration Room

Pip Tompkin Studio Reveals The Polycom Realpresence Immersive Studio Video Collaboration Room

Pip Tompkin Studio, the creator of the highlighted work Award Winning Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Video Collaboration Room explains, What makes this system truly collaborative is its versatility. Participants may move naturally around the r <Cropped>

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Restaurant by The Ed Design Group Pte Ltd

The Ed Design Group Pte Ltd Shows The Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

The ED Design Group Pte Ltd, the author of the displayed design Restaurant:JUMBO Seafood by The ED Design Group Pte Ltd spells out, The design of the new Jumbo Seafood restaurant in Shanghai is a fresh interpretation of luxurious modern dining experi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hsu Residence Private Residence

Gudc Illustrates The Hsu Residence Private Residence

GUDC, the lead designer of the award winning design Private Residence:Hsu Residence by GUDC points out, As the visual of simple grey stone and light stone ceiling sets the harmonious atmosphere throughout the apartment, patterns of wooden texture app <Cropped>

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Edge Dominos by Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins Creates The Edge Dominos Game

Andrew Perkins, the creative mind behind the displayed design Edge Dominos - Game by Andrew Perkins points out, Edge Dominos preserves the traditional number pattern and game play but innovates by reducing the tile design down to only the numbers a <Cropped>

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Sample House by Tzu-Cheng Cho

Tzu-Cheng Cho Shows The Assorting Derivation Sample House

Tzu-Cheng Cho, the creator of the displayed design Tzu-Cheng Cho's Assorting Derivation Sample house explicates, The designer's solution for the space is fully expressed through the scale, the brightness, the visibility, the sunshine and th <Cropped>

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Branding by Halfnot Indesign

Halfnot Indesign Presents The Neighbour Program Branding

Halfnot Indesign, the project leader of the award winning project Branding:Neighbour Program by Halfnot Indesign explains, Aimed at reconnecting art and design institutions within Southeast Asian region, the identity for the program was inspired by t <Cropped>

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Award Winning K Table Lamp

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The K Table Lamp

The lead designer of the awarded design K - Table Lamp by Acclaimed Designer explains, The K Lamp is a table lamp with an iconic, memorable silhouette created totally from ceramic. Designed to subtly compliment a contemporary space, Vitamin wanted to <Cropped>

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Exhibition Pavilion by Sutd Advanced Architecture Laboratory

Sutd Advanced Architecture Laboratory Discloses The The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion

SUTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory, the architect of the awarded project SUTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory's The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion illustrates, The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Advanced Architecture <Cropped>

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