Hanging Chair:recliner by Joanina and David Pastoll

Joanina and David Pastoll Exhibits The Recliner Hanging Chair

Joanina and David Pastoll, the designer of the award winning work Hanging chair by Joanina and David Pastoll demonstrates, The Studio Stirling RECLINER hanging swing chair has elegantly curved lines & is sculptural and dynamic with a considered <Cropped>

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Future Cap Challenge

Pelliconi and Desall Invite You to Suggest Innovative Concepts For a New Easy-open Cap, Attentive to Design and User Experience, With The Aim of Creating a Funny and Interactive Product.future Cap Challenge New Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Pel

Pelliconi and desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for a new easy-open cap, attentive to design and user experience, with the aim of creating a funny and interactive product.Future cap challenge new product design contest on desall.com <Cropped>

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Alberto Vasquez's Gris Water Saving System

Alberto Vasquez Shares The Gris Water Saving System

Alberto Vasquez, the project leader of the displayed design Alberto Vasquez's Gris Water Saving System demonstrates, Decrease of water resources is a world wide problem these days. It’s crazy that we still use drinking water to flush the toile <Cropped>

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Jose Cuervo Lounge by Mariano Badaracco and Juan Chavez

Mariano Badaracco and Juan Chavez Creates The Jose Cuervo Lounge Hospitality Suite

Mariano Badaracco and Juan Chavez, the creative mind behind the award winning design Jose Cuervo Lounge by Mariano Badaracco and Juan Chavez illustrates, This design is inspired by the climate context; the ocean´s breeze, high temperature and direct <Cropped>

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Cero-Electric Tricycle by Tamás Túri

Tamás Túri Demonstrates The Cero Electric Tricycle

Tamás Túri, the thinktank behind the displayed design Cero - electric tricycle by Tamás Túri illustrates, Adult tricycles are often considered as medical devices. One of the Cero’s main goals was to remove this stigma associated with these ve <Cropped>

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Maidan Table by Viktor Kovtun

Viktor Kovtun Demonstrates The Maidan Table Table

Viktor Kovtun, the project leader of the highlighted design maidan table - table by Viktor Kovtun explicates, The idea of Maidan Table is to unite the industriality of production and possibility of color combinations. The centre of the table is curve <Cropped>

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Guiding Zodiac Old Tree-Dissemination of Oriental Culture by Bo Zheng

Bo Zheng Creates The Guiding Zodiac Old Tree Dissemination of Oriental Culture

Bo Zheng, the thinktank behind the award winning work GuiDing Zodiac Old Tree - Dissemination of oriental culture by Bo Zheng explicates, In the past five thousand years of Chinese history, tea has always considered to be “the taste of Chinese cult <Cropped>

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Sensory Play Space Divider by Neringa Orlenok

Neringa Orlenok Presents The Little Houses Sensory Play Space Divider

Neringa Orlenok, the author of the awarded design Sensory Play Space Divider by Neringa Orlenok points out, Little Houses is a unique modular space divider made for furnishing any early childhood learning environment and create different activity zon <Cropped>

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Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition%u2019 19

Young Bird Plan, An International Competition Platform, It Has Been Five Years Since Its Establishment. This Time, Young Bird Plan Launches Its Own Competition Globally, and Thousands of Creative Minds Will Have The Unique Opportunity to Create The Mascot

Young bird plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. this time, young bird plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the m <Cropped>

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Capsular by Harun Ayaydın

Harun Ayaydın Spotlights The Capsular Multi Functional Stool and Office Bench

Harun Ayaydın, the lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning Capsular Multi Functional Stool And Office Bench demonstrates, Capsular has been designed as cleavable and scalable. The starting point of the design has been stated as breathing <Cropped>

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