Glowing Gradevin:turning Light Box by Kai Chang

Kai Chang Portrays The Turning Light Box Glowing Gradevin

Kai Chang, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Turning Light Box Glowing gradevin points out, We try to reshape the possibilities of closet functionality using geometric cube modeling, and in a modular way keep design elements co <Cropped>

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Yi-hsiang, Cheng & Yu-ting, Chung's About Enframed Residential House

Yi-hsiang, Cheng & Yu-ting, Chung Portrays The About Enframed Residential House

Yi-Hsiang, Cheng & Yu-Ting, Chung, the architect of the awarded design Residential House by Yi-Hsiang, Cheng & Yu-Ting, Chung says, This studio dedicated to simplify design and develop materials. Through visual guidance, studio divided the st <Cropped>

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Tango Small Shoulder Bag-Handbag by Gretchen

Gretchen Presents The Tango Small Shoulder Bag Handbag

GRETCHEN, the project leader of the highlighted work Handbag by GRETCHEN explicates, You'll never find anything comparable to this truly innovative design! What a modern yet wearable piece of art. Structuring elements underneath the fine leath <Cropped>

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Philips Lighting China Hq-Office by Ben Goh and Jane Chen-Bnjn Design

Ben Goh and Jane Chen-Bnjn Design Designs The Philips Lighting China Hq Office

Ben Goh and Jane Chen - BNJN design, the creator of the award winning work Office by Ben Goh and Jane Chen - BNJN design demonstrates, Designer offers its solution by doing serious research and development: a big screen wall with a semi-transparent i <Cropped>

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Residential Space:treasure Mountain 64 by Pei Chu Teng-Chuang Jing Interior Design

Pei Chu Teng-Chuang Jing Interior Design Reveals The Treasure Mountain 64 Residential Space

Pei Chu Teng - Chuang Jing Interior Design, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning Treasure Mountain 64 Residential space illustrates, The design adopts the techniques of borrowed scenery from Japanese garden art.The mountain scenery outsid <Cropped>

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Come Together-Bracelet by Kaining Wang

Kaining Wang Presents The Come Together Bracelet

Kaining Wang, the lead designer of the award winning work Kaining Wang's Come Together Bracelet explains, The bracelet is inspired by umbrellas in public spaces and their function in creating a space that is to a degree private and separated fro <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Tsai Chin Ming

Tsai Chin Ming Portrays The Peaceful Bliss Dwelling Interior Design

Tsai Chin Ming, the author of the award winning design Peaceful Bliss Dwelling - Interior Design by Tsai Chin Ming demonstrates, The use of the character "people" as the starting point of the design, humanities, people-oriented, humane is t <Cropped>

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Night Collection Design

Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Design a New Collection of Furniture Items For The Bedroom, Consisting of a Double Bed and a Set of Storage Units.night Collection Design New Product Design Contest On Tomasella and Desall Invite You to Desi

Tomasella and desall invite you to design a new collection of furniture items for the bedroom, consisting of a double bed and a set of storage units.Night collection design new product design contest on tomasella and desall invite you to <Cropped>

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Store Interior:hiking by Chao-Hsin Chen

Chao-Hsin Chen Shares The Hiking Store Interior

Chao-Hsin Chen, the architect of the awarded work Store Interior by Chao-Hsin Chen explains, People’s safety is dependent on the ropes when participating to the outdoor sports activities, esp. extremes sports and climbing. Rock Land, a store sellin <Cropped>

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Travelling Wallet by Reuben Yang-Quadrato

Reuben Yang-Quadrato Demonstrates The Portapass Travelling Wallet

Reuben Yang - Quadrato, the project leader of the awarded work Award Winning Portapass Travelling Wallet illustrates, Portapass is a leather craft designed for frequent traveler. The iconic two-directional closure with brass buttons, giving you a do <Cropped>

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